The concept is simple,  the cities are born and develop on the banks of the rivers . Sometimes they become big and magnificent cities, so big that they even become cities / empires, but the true essence of the city remains anchored on the banks of the river where it was born and it is precisely there that the main monuments have been builded. The center of the city  is where his soul resides.   City tables , the river section you can see on my table is the faithful reproduction of the river where the history of these great cities has developed.The monuments that I carved on the sides of the river, are the main and most characteristic of the city and are located in that position in the real city. Modern and unique design , handmade carving ,walnut wood, blu crystal and white marble stones .


Coffee tables , city representations, limited editions

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  • May 22, 2022 8:33 am local time


London, Regno Unito

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