Aji Bali is home furniture manufacturer, principally teak and mahogany wooden furniture. Our products are knocked-down and ready to be assembled for export market or full assembled, depend the design order. Our customer market are wide ranging from end-user to retailers, stores, café and restaurant.
There are 6 countries that we have been exported from 1997 to 2002 which are UK, Germany, Netherland, Mexico, Belgium and Singapore. From 2008 we expanded our brand to local retail-based market undername My Home Solo and Naenamu Furniture.
Started with great focus on teak and mahogany wood furniture, we have enhanced our product to plywood based furniture. Persistent quality is a philosophy we adhere to, we maintain our wood quality with moisture content limit of 12% which suitable for four season countries. Our commitment to compliance with international quality standards will ensure that your requirement will always be fulfilled including legal permit. From December 2020 we already submit for Indonesian Legal Wood which means Aji Bali is ready to handle orders both from export and local market.
Aji Bali will continue to improve on products, while emphasizing on cost-control, responsive customer handling that will strenghthen our partnership and make your buying process a pleasant experience.

Our International partner
- Mr. Charles Dolby “The Indonesian Connexion”, Sussex, UK
- Mr. Andreas, Frankfurt, Germany
- Mr. Hanzork, Germany
- Mr. Adolf Klinkhammer, founder “A. Klinkhamer, Intralogistic”, Netherland
- Mr. Edeargo, Mexico
- “Barang Barang, Pte. Ltd.”, Singapore
- “Riro Imp. Meubelgroothandel BV's”, Netherland

Our Workshop
Name : CV. Aji Bali
Address: Jl. Jayawijaya 201, Banjarsari, Surakarta, Central Java, 57137
Land: 3300 sqm
In House Production: 2500 sqm
Number of worker: 22
Number of subcont: 3
Production capacity: 3 x 20 feet container / 2 months (at first order 1 x 20 feet container/2 months)
Wood raw materials: Teak and Mahagony

Our Team
Lukman as Leader (Bachelor of Arcitectural Engineering)
Bagas as Designer and Digital Markerting (Bachelor of Civil Engineering)
Agus as Designer (Bachelor of Arcitectural Engineering)
Tanti as Finance and Production Manager (Bachelor of Chemical Engineering)
Nadia as Marketing (Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planing)
Dani as Marketing ( Bachelor of Civil Engineering)
Jendro as Purchasing Staff (Bachelor of Management)

    Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter
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